The Safest Way To Launch To Page One AND Get Verified Reviews

Successfully rank your Amazon products and increase your profits with the only Done-For-You service that launches to fresh buyers, every single time.


Successfully ranking your product on page one gives you the organic sales you need to dominate your competition.

With over a quarter of a million units launched to date, our team has the experience to not only rank your products, but rank them for the keywords that will give you the greatest chance of success and get you the reviews that will keep you there.

250K+ Units
Successfully Launched

Fully TOS
Compliant Reviews

Our clients have seen up to 10x organic sales post-launch


Unlike other Done-For-You Amazon launch services, we don’t use the same buyer pool over and over again. So you never have to worry about unscrupulous Amazon sellers who hang out in those buyer pools looking to “find” their next product idea. Instead, we launch your product to completely fresh buyers using Facebook messenger ads. So there’s never any question whether your launch is TOS compliant.
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Buyer Pools can lead to:

Amazon’s powerful algorithm potentially flagging your listing, or worse your seller account, for suspicious buyer behavior or review patterns.


Whether you’re looking to rank a new product or revive an older listing, your review rating is crucial if you want to maintain your organic sales once the launch phase is over.

The difference between a 4.1 rating and a 4.5 rating can be a 20% boost in sales.

Our team can get you the verified reviews you need to organically maintain your position high on page one and dominate your competition. And those reviews are completely compliant with Amazon’s TOS.

$10 per unit


  • Keyword and Unit Recommendations
  • Facebook ad spend fees
  • PayPal transaction fees
  • TOS-Compliant Review Follow Up


You hit the GET STARTED Now button and a ZonRanker team member will follow up with you within 24 hours.

Our expert team researches your main competitors and recommends the keywords your product should be ranked for to give you the greatest success.

We take care of EVERY aspect of your launch so that we’re ready to start ranking your product within a couple days.

You sit back and watch as your product heads to the top of page one, verified reviews begin to roll in, organic sales increase, and your profit begins to multiply.


Other launch services make you supply the keywords for your product. But if you choose the wrong keywords, it doesn’t matter how well they run your launch, it will never lead to long-term success and you’ll have wasted your money.

Our expert team will analyze your top competitors’ products, show you the best possible keywords for your product, and advise you on how many units to launch on those keywords.

So you’ll never give away more products than you have to to get to page one. And when you do get there, it will be for the keywords that give you the strongest chance for continued success.

Sleep-Easy Guarantee

You can sleep easy knowing everything we do to get your products to page one AND generate reviews is FULLY Amazon TOS compliant.
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