About Us

Hi, we’re Jason Landro, Josh Katona, Dan Katona, and Scott Kalan, and we’re Amazon Sellers just like you. In the past, we struggled to get genuine reviews for our products and get them ranked on the 1st page.

So we had to bug friends (and friends of friends) to get reviews. The problem with this was that we quickly ran out of friends. We then began setting up messenger funnels to do the giveaways which were successful, but extremely time consuming. We quickly ran out of hours.

So we put our heads together and developed an internal tool to grow our business by fully automating the entire process. Our new software jump started our sales so that we could move inventory faster than we were getting it in!

So we had an idea to help other Amazon Sellers.

We started using this tool as a done-for-you service for business owners just like you. After running that program successfully for the past year, we decided to really shake things up.

Instead of doing the work for these companies, we built a robot that did the work for them so they could run their own successful Amazon ranking campaigns.

Jason Landro
Josh Katona
Dan Katona
Scott Kalan

And that’s how was born!

Make your life easier!

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